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Saturday, 28-Jun-2008 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
AFIQ and ALYA's birthday do at Kidz Zone Hartamas

afiq the birthday boy
aida & ruiz's raaiqa
radim & fairuz's shuraim
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finally i managed to upload pictures from afiq & alya's birthday party..

We celebrated afiq's 4th & alya's 1st birthday at Kidz Zone, Hartamas Shopping Centre. Thanks to all guests for making the event a success. Thanks for the lovely presents too!

Hope everyone had a lot of fun! I know my family & I did..


Monday, 16-Jun-2008 02:46 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Just 6 days short of her 1 year birthday..

isap jari while being carried by our maid
cheeky face
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i know it's been eons since i last updated my many things has happened the past tell the truth, our lives have been changed 180 degrees..but then let's not dwell in the past and look forward..

can't believe my baby girl's gonna turn 1 year in less than 1 week! how time flies..a bit about her current development:

1. she can walk about 5-6 steps already
2. suka duduk bersimpuh..hehe
3. doesn't want to take porridge anymore eventhough dia xde gigi lagi! kuat makan dia ni..
4. her current favourite word is.. 'bek..' as in ambek..
5. can climb onto the sofa already
6. loves music..dengar muzik jer mesti dia sway from side to side or wave her hands up and down
7. screams when his brother takes stuff from her
8. still allergic to formula or any dairy products and she doesn't want soy milk.. so until now she's still 100% breastfed
9. suka berkemas..
10. loves to babble and makes this high pitched sound..
11. likes to point at everything..
12. suka isap her pointer fingers..

so far that's what i remember..hehe..apa lagi ek?

Saturday, 25-Aug-2007 15:04 Email | Share | | Bookmark

arrival of marhaban group
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actually at first ingatkan nak buat aqiqah kat umah my in-laws je..but then, somehow due to some logistic problems, etc my parents-in-law suggested that we do it at the kilang..diorg cakap ajakla sekali staff lain yg lum buat aqiqah lagi untuk anak diorg..

so, in the end in total ada 8 org yg buat aqiqah (including us) cukur jambul only alya n another one of our staff..yg lg 6 others tu buat aqiqah jer..

thanks for everyone who managed to come.. we know that kitorg ajak pun quite last minute and waktu tu pun school holidays so bykla org kawin, etc.. eventhough quite a few couldn't make it tapi makanan tetap abis sampaikan i didn't get the chance to taste the kambing kuzi.. camana tu?

anyhow, these are pics from the event..(not in any particular order)

Thursday, 19-Jul-2007 01:19 Email | Share | | Bookmark
alya: the 1st month

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Tuesday, 19-Jun-2007 12:26 Email | Share | | Bookmark

the arrival of the latest member of our family, Farra Alya Adliz!

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